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ReadWrite Katakana 1.5

ReadWrite Katakana is program that teaches us how to read and write Katakana
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ReadWrite Katakana is program that teaches us how to read and write Katakana, one of the Japanese scripts. Katakana is normally used for those words which cannot be expressed with Kanji characters, such as foreign places.

From the main application window, we can navigate through the Lessons (14 in total), which contain five learning categories: Letters, Writings, Reading, Listening, and Multi-choice exercises. The right side of the program window displays the whole Katakana alphabet, making it possible for us to choose any random letter at any time. Once we have learned the letters and their pronunciation, we can practice any of the exercises available. The Writing page shows the stroke order and how the characters are written in a graphical way. We can practice strokes by drawing them with our mouse. From the Reading page, it is possible to listen to the audio with the native speaker's pronunciation, record our own pronunciation, and compare both of them. There are also listening comprehension exercises, and multi-choice exercises. We can evaluate the free trial version which includes the first two lessons.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Free trial
  • Very well explained
  • Animated strokes writing
  • Native speaker's audio pronunciation


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